Pam Marshalla: Practical speech-language therapy techniques for therapists and parents.

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improving intelligibility in apraxia and dysarthria NEW VIDEO LECTURE!

Available from .5 CEU

In this video seminar, Pam Marshalla discusses ten pathways to improving intelligibility in children with severe expressive speech disorders including apraxia and dysarthria.

The class contains information on building intelligibility by working on vowels, syllables, prosody, rhythm, jaw mobility, jaw stability, voice, resonance, stridency, and place of articulation. Lecture and small group activities are used during this very practical presentation.

Offered: ASHA/0.5 Introductory Level, Professional Area

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"You have been the most useful resource I have ever had for articulation therapy, including what I was taught (or not taught!) in Grad School!"

Jennifer, SLP

carryover techniques in articulation and phonology

Available from .3 CEU

In this seminar, Pam Marshalla presents a wide variety of practical methods designed to stimulate carryover in articulation and phonological therapy. Topics include: Client attitude and blocks to carryover; Speech production activities to promote habituation; Games and activities for therapy/classroom/home; Rate control for carryover; Auditory self-monitoring and carryover; Working on conversational speech; and Parent participation. This seminar contains lecture, demonstrations, and small-group learning experiences. Questions and comments from participants featured at the end of the lecture.

Offered: ASHA/0.3 Introductory Level, Professional Area

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"Pam's theoretical and practical approach to therapy has been just what I needed. I am excited to try her ideas with children. Bravo are an amazing speaker and teacher. Thank you!"

Crystal Rogers, SLP

successful r therapy

Available from .3 CEU

This workshop presents a perfect blend of articulation and oral-motor therapy for the misarticulated "R" phoneme. Based on her best-selling book by the same title, Marshalla describes methods to facilitate first productions of "R." Then she details how to help clients transfer this skill from words to conversational speech using practical and highly effective methods of carryover. This class is appropriate for both student speech and language pathologists and seasoned professionals.

Offered: ASHA/0.3 Introductory Level, Professional Area

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"Pam's work is practical technique based in solid theory, illuminated by the voice of experience!"

Maria Stewart, SLP

frontal lisp, lateral lisp

Available from .3 CEU

This seminar presents practical techniques for the remediation of the six sibilants: S, Z, Sh, Zh, Ch, and J. The class opens with normal production of these phonemes based on research in palatography, and it progresses immediately to remediation techniques. Using the evidence-based practice as a model, techniques to be discussed integrate information from the lab, the clinic, and client. Class includes lecture, slides, and small-group learning activities, and Qamp;A at the end.

Offered: ASHA/0.3 Introductory Level, Professional Area

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"Pam is SO entertaining and knowledgable! I learned a lot that I will use in therapy."

Anonymous SLP


"Your courses have been some of the most viewed on our site -- clinicians very much appreciate your work. Thank you for supporting our site by presenting with us the past few years!"