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Never Too Late For a Lingua Frenectomy

Q: Is there an age when surgically altering the lingua frenulum is too late? It is never too late to surgically alter a lingua frenum for improved speech function, except perhaps in the case of degenerative disease.  The surgery simply frees the tip of the tongue. It allows the tongue a greater range of movement no […]

Frenectomy: Sample Physician Referral Letter

Q: I have a student with a restricting lingua frenulum that limits his tongue mobility and impacts his speech intelligibility. What do you write in the referral letter to the physician? Write a letter that explains how the restricting lingua frenulum is impacting as many of the following six areas as you can: speech, oral […]

Restricting Frenum and Lingua-Alveolars

Q: My preschool client backed all lingua-alveolars until I taught him D. But not — it is distorted (his tongue looks funny) and the other sounds aren’t coming. Help! Most kids with a restricting lingua frenum use what the elocutionists used to call “thick speech” meaning that it was speech produced without the tongue bowled.  […]

Tongue Exercises for Restricting Frenum

Q: Are there any exercises one can give to extend the tongue frenum instead of having the client get a frenectomy? Are these exercises are proven scientifically? From long ago, therapists have said that “tongue exercises” could stretch the frenum, but I have never seen anyone spell out what those exercises would be, nor have […]

Bad Tongue, Better Speech

Q: I have worked with a 4-year-old for two years who had a frenectomy about 3 months ago. His speech is quite intelligible now, but he still has heart-shaped tongue, he cannot dissociate his tongue movements from his jaw movements, and he cannot sweep his tongue around lips to clean himself. He stabilizes his tongue […]

Restricting Lingua Frenum

Q: I am working with a three-year-old with a very restricted lingual frenum, a shortened velum, and significant tongue protrusion. The parents want to try therapy before consulting medical advice about a frenectomy. We have made nice progress thus far. The child chews hard and soft solids with a mushing pattern. No coughing, choking, gagging […]

Frontal Lisp, Tongue Thrust, Ankyloglossia, Low Tone, and Tactile Defensive Behavior

Q: I have a 5-year-old client who has a tongue thrust on all the sibilants. She also has ankyloglossia, and is low in tone around her mouth and lips. She has a tonic bite reflex and holds her cheeks very tightly when I brush her teeth. She has sensory issues and is very uncomfortable (although […]

Short Lingua Frenum and /r/ Therapy

Q: I have several students that have distorted /r/’s and short lingua frenums. I am having trouble and would like some advice. We cannot teach what I call a “Tip R” (the Retroflex R) with a short lingua frenum, but we can teach a “Back R.” However, the Back R is more difficult to do […]